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The World's Largest Size Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Tasuns company to create the world's largest size honeycomb panel

Tasuns building materials, the world big plank manufacturing expert!

Four meters wide, 12 meters long honeycomb panel, it sounds ridiculous, but it is a difficult world product is manufactured by Tasuns people.

Tasuns manufacturing of the honeycomb panel used in Perth Australia renovation outside a five-star hotel. Plank a total thickness of 200 mm thick, double-sided use 5052 h24 high strength 1.5 mm thick roll fluorine carbon aluminum plate, the honeycomb panel 4 meters wide by two pieces of aluminum honeycomb panel with male female 2150 mm wide profile stitching. Only is embedded in the aluminum honeycomb panel, there were 196 mm high, 12 meters long and weighs almost 100 kilograms, embed this article profiles are need 5 people to lift.

Several of the world's most Tasuns people create:

1, the world's largest honeycomb panel. Splicing plate after x12 meters, 4.3 meters high even without stitching, single block size 2150 mm 2150 MMX is also rare in the world;

2, the world's most thick aluminum honeycomb panel. Many honeycomb panel manufacturers have been trial-produced thicker honeycomb panel sample, but the thickness of the mass production of 200 mm thick honeycomb panel, for the first time in the world;

3, the world's heaviest aluminum honeycomb panel. The characteristics of the honeycomb panel is light, but due to the customer request the product super large, thick, long and embedded profile makes monolithic honeycomb board maximum weight 400 kg, need nearly 20 talents can lift! But if use concrete manufacturing plates of the same size, weight will be several tons!

4, one of the few in the world using a large special crane loading and unloading of the honeycomb panel. Due to the large sheet sizes, use normal forklift cannot ensure the safety of the product shipment, Tasuns company hired professional handling equipment to do this hard work.

In the process of manufacturing, Tasuns people also overcome super long profiles spraying and cutting, ultra wide long aluminum decoiling, honeycomb panel composite equipment upgrades and other worldwide problem. During this period, there are five top manufacturers in China to overcome the technical problem and quality control.

In order to ensure the aluminum plate uncoiling accuracy and quality of our strategic suppliers li island new materials co., LTD in jiangsu sent company vice President personally supervise the uncoiling shipment, quality control, safety and so on work;

The super-long size needed to meet customer, henan a large aluminum coil manufacturers and even the demolition of the original equipment, retrofitting the installation;

In order to ensure the profile accuracy of cutting Angle, we send a design director to visit dongguan a large hong kong-invested curtain wall materials processing enterprises guidance and communication profile cutter;......

This difficult world product, as it were, condensed the industry's leading supplier of industrial chain!

Great products are often produced by the great and great enterprises are often composed of the steadfast and visionary people! Tasuns dream will continue to be down-to-earth, and move on! \"

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