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Customized Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Bollicom aluminum honeycomb panel

  • Customized: Customized

  • Finish: Weathering

  • Skin Thickness: 0.5mm-1.0mm

  • Coating: PVDF or PE

  • Aperture: 8mm

  • Performance: Light

  • Grade: Exterior

  • Metal: Aluminum

  • Alloy: 1100 3003 3005 5005 5052

  • Total Thickness: 2mm-50mm

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • Application: Facade, Curtain Wall, Cladding

Product Description

                              Customized aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel

Bollicom is oriented from aviation industry. It's durable, large span and super flat.


Bollicom  features in fabrication-friendly, multiple surface solutions and color options.


Bollicom is widely applied for architectural area such as façade,roof, partition as well as 

transportation, voyage and equipment industry.


Bollicom is a new concept of compound materials belongs to future.




1)Large span, high flatness: without any stiffen system, the size reaches 2200*6000mm, and keeps superior flatness.
2)Light in weight: 5-5.6kg/sqm, reduce the loading force of building.
3)Strength: bear high pressure and shearing stress, hard to deform, meets the wind-load request fro high building
4)Customized: size,shape,arcing,paints are all optional.
5)One step resolution: two different installing system and complete window, door, louver resolution system.
6)Easy to install: no need to install consquently, selectively inserting, replacing will reduce the cost of labour force.
7)Multiple connecting system: gap width,>8)Box-shape: the folding up structure on four edges will seal the honeycomb structure up and improve the safety and durability in application.
9)Multi-functional: cladding, column, louver, roof and ceiling system.




Q1: Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturer producing different kinds of metal honeycomb panel, including aluminum honeycomb panel, stainless steel honeycomb panel, copper honeycomb panel, Ti-zink honeycomb panel etc.
High quality control, competitive price and better service. Hope that we can foster a long-term business relationship for win-win situation.
Q2: What if I cannot find a desired model in your catalogue or online product displays?
A: we are expert in this field and provide customized. Just tell us what you want or show us your drawing, we will provide an excellent solution for you.
Q3: What is your accepted payment terms?
A: We prefer T/T, but other payment terms are still OK, we are open to the negotiation about payment terms with our clients before signing up the contract.