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The significance of lightweight by using PMI

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

It’s generally believed that with the same mechanical property cases, the Honeycomb is lighter than PMI foam, which due to the higher density of PMI (10-15% than honeycomb). However, for cores, making a simple comparisondoes not have any meaning. It’s essential to take the composites component, which including the film, sealant and skin material as a whole calculating.


Splicing and filling are absolutely necessary in the manufacturing of Honeycomb, which comes along a mass of adhesives. These high-density adhesives offset the low density of Honeycomb, and eventually lead to the final product’s weight approximately 10% higher than PMI composites.


Also, PMI foam can excellently be processed by varied liquid methods, including RTM, VARI, etc. These methods improve the proportion of carbon fiber or glass fiber in the finished products, reduce the proportion of adhesives and, at the same way, light the finished products which under the similar properties’ circumstances.