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Machining of PMI foam, rohacell foam

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

The PMIas a kind ofclosed cell rigidity structural foam can be machined by CNC tools on fast running, and - unlike the honeycomb need special equipment– the common CNC equipment is sufficient.


Use the double sticky tape to fix the foam on the CNC machining table or install the vacuum adsorption device on the CNC machining table. The vacuum cleaner is also required to remove dust generated during machining process.

If using the steel tools which have the industrial diamond blade with helix embedded 60/72 particle size, the speed at 7200-12000 r.p.m is recommended. If using the five-point, hardened NONVAR steel blade, the speed at 2800-3500 r.p.m is recommended.


It’s adequate to speed up the feeding rate to ensure the foam’s surface smoothness. Instead, the too-slow feeding speed would damage the foam’s surface.