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Drying of PMI foam

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2017

PMI foam will absorb moisture from the air, if it is not placed in the completely sealed moisture-proof aluminum bags. As a result of moisture up-taken, the compression creep resistance will be mainly reduced. Thus, under a certain temperature and pressure (in the autoclave, RTM or mold-pressing), the dimension stability of PMI foam will be affected. So we recommend that PMI foam be dried before using, which can eliminates the generate steam during process and improves its creep behavior.


The sheets should be dried at minimum 3hrs at 130°C (2-3°C/min) by using a heating cabinet with air circulation. During this drying process, each panel shall be separated from adjacent panels by not less than 35mm. All precautions regarding placement and accurate temperature control shall be strictly maintained. It’s necessary to prolong the drying duration when the sheet thickness is more than 25.4mm.