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carbon fiber sheet new knowledge

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Carbon fiber reinforced carbon fiber reinforced reinforced one-way sheet, the molding process is the carbon fiber impregnated resin after curing in the mold and continuous pultrusion. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, impact resistance and so on. It can give full play to the strength and elastic modulus of carbon fiber. When the construction can remove the resin curing stage of carbon fiber unidirectional fabric, the strength utilization efficiency is high, Construction convenience.

Carbon fiber board features:

1, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, good impact resistance

Carbon fiber board has excellent physical and mechanical properties, tensile strength is more than 6 times the ordinary steel, elastic modulus is better than steel, with excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance. Very suitable for reinforcement of reinforced concrete repair.

2, light weight, good flexibility

Carbon fiber board than steel strength, the quality of steel is only 1/5, a higher toughness, can be rolled, to a larger length of supply without lap.

3, the construction of convenient, easy to guarantee the quality of construction

No wet work, no large-scale construction equipment, no on-site fixed facilities. Carbon fiber board length can be arbitrarily cut, construction is simple, short duration. Material without pre-processing, easy process, the board allows cross.

4, good durability and corrosion resistance

Acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion, no regular maintenance. And the internal concrete structure from the protective effect, to achieve the purpose of double reinforcement repair.

In addition: ① carbon fiber sheet is more suitable for the use of prestressed reinforcement, more fully play the role of high strength carbon fiber; ② construction is convenient, easy to guarantee the quality of construction; ③ carbon fiber sheet than carbon fiber cloth easy to maintain fiber straight, more conducive to carbon fiber play a role ; ④ a layer of 1.2mm thick plate equivalent to the role of five layers of carbon fiber cloth; ⑤ fiberboard and fiber cloth is more suitable for brick and concrete wall reinforcement; ⑥ carbon fiber - glass fiber mixing plate can improve the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structure, and Can reduce the cost of fiberboard.

5, the application areas

Carbon fiber board can be used for concrete beam bending, shear reinforcement, concrete floor, bridge reinforcement reinforcement; concrete, brick wall, scissors wall reinforcement; piers, piles and other columns reinforcement; chimneys, tunnels, pools, concrete pipes Reinforcement and reinforcement; reinforced concrete structure of the plate and beam repair, reinforcement; wall and flat around the opening of the reinforcement; wood building beams and other reinforcement; bridge, bridge feet, truss reinforcement; tunnel , Cable pipe repair, reinforcement and prestressed reinforcement system.