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Carbon fiber classification

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

According to the raw material carbonation can be divided into three kinds, ① the mother is polypropylene eyes, ② the mother is oil or coal tar pitch, ③ matrix is viscose silk or phenolic fiber. The use of polypropylene carbon fiber is the most widely used, accounting for about 90%, polypropylene fiber carbon fiber preparation is the Sichuan Temple polypropylene and polymer monomer polymerization, and then use a specific chemical solution to dissolve, the formation of spinning fluid, and then And then into the carbonization furnace, and then through a series of chemical reactions, resulting in increased carbon content The formation of polypropylene carbon fiber. 

According to the processing material can be divided into two kinds, ① long single fiber, ② short fiber or chopped fiber. Carbon fiber all the products, the most basic raw half pig is full of carbon fiber filament. The chopped carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber filament by fiber cutting machine chopped, its basic performance depends mainly on its raw materials ~ carbon fiber filament performance. 

According to the performance of carbon fiber can be divided into four kinds, ① general type: low tensile strength, elastic mold Dong investigation, for the performance requirements of the project is not high r However, the price of such carbon fiber cheap. ② high strength type: tensile strength above 2 50OMPa. ③ high modulus type: such carbon fiber elastic modulus is very high, the highest can be greater than 4, 10? M Pa. ④ high tensile type: tensile rate of 1.7%, expanding the scope of use. Above is a small series of some of the classification of carbon fiber, Wuxi Wei helmet new materials Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of carbon fiber products. Master the advanced, efficient complex not pouring pressure, bag pressure, inflatable, technology. To provide high-quality carbon fiber products.