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Carbon Fiber Applications 1

Tasuns Composite Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Tasuns™ PX35 is the carbon fiber wind energy reinforcement the industry has been searching for.  It is the new standard in wind turbine reinforcement:

  • A more slender blade profile

  • A lighter, longer, stiffer, and stronger wind turbine blade

  • An overall more efficient wind turbine

  • Reliable carbon fiber at a sustainable price

Tasuns uni-directional fabrics and pultruded plates are pushing the wind energy industry to higher levels of performance. Longer and lighter blades mean more energy output per revolution.


Tasuns’s advanced processes and tools allow simple, high-speed lay-down of carbon fiber tow, prepreg, pultrusion, and fabrics.  Our proprietary material dispensing tools (used for prepreg or fabrics) have accelerated the application process saving our customers time and money.  Additionally, Tasuns provides comprehensive technical support for spar cap manufacturing.

Without a single blade failure since it was adopted in 2004, Tasuns PX35 has become the dominant carbon fiber in wind energy.