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Factory direct Polycarbonate Honeycomb Panels With the Best Quality

Product Details: Polycarbonate (PC) honeycomb is the ideal component for any lightweight assembly. It provides high stability at a low weight and is resistant to both media and corrosion. The basic raw material for producing the honeycomb is polypropylene, a thermoplastic, recyclable material...

Detailed description

Factory direct Polycarbonate Honeycomb Panels With the Best Quality

Material Characteristics:


1Impact StrengthJ/m850
2Light Transmission%85
3Specific Gravityg/cm31.2
4Coefficient of Thermalmm/m °c 0.065
5Service Temperature °c -40 to +120
6Heat Conductivity W/m2°c 2.3-3.9
7Tensile Strength N/mm2>60 
8Flexural Strength N/mm2100 
9Modulus of Elasticity MPa2400 
10Tensile Stress at Break MPa>65 
11Elongation at Break %100 
12Specific Heat kj/Kgk1.17 
13Heat Deflection Temperature °c 140
14Effect of Soundproof dB3 - 4



Product Features:


1. Light trasmission: up to 85%

2. Impact resistance: 80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheeting.

3. Temperature resitance range: -40 to 120 Celsius Degree.
4. Light weight: only 1/12 ofthe weight of glass with same thickness.
5. Ultraviolet resistance: with UV protective layer.
6. Flame resistance: B1 grade
7. Sound and Heat proof





1. Windshield
2. Telephone booth
3. Advertisement signboard
4. Billboards on lamp boxes
5. Instrument safety panel
6. LED screen
7. Expressway sound insulation panel
8. Lighting and partition walls for banks, hospitals and stations
9. Carport, Greenhouse, Veranda, Patio roof covering

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