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Custom Size Pultruded Carbon Rods With Good Quality

Custom Size Pultruded Carbon Rods With Good Quality

Product Details: ​Place of Origin:China Supply Type:Make-to-Order Raw Material:Carbon Fiber Fabric&Epoxy Resin Weave:Twill/Plain/UD Type:1K, 1.5K,3K,6K,12K carbon fiber sheet, regular use 3K

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Custom size Pultruded Carbon Rods With Good Quality

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Solid carbon fiber rod,carbon fiber poles, carbon fiber rod,carbon fiber stick.carbon fiber bars, carbon fiber tube,carbon fiber products are made from continuous carbon fibers in a resin matrix of either vinyl-ester .


They are extremely stiff ,lightweight and have a very low coefficient of expansion .Carbon fiber rods have incredible linear strength due to the orientation of the carbon fibers and are used in a variety of applications.(Compared to conventional structural metals (such as steel ,aluminum and stainless steel) ,carbon fiber rods deliver excellent tensile strength characteristics .Besides exhibiting outstanding strength ,our composite carbon fiber rod is durable ,lightweight and extremely rigid .)




-Carbon fiber rods have been used in the following applications:

-Medical Instruments and Components

-Industrial Tools

-Kite Framework

-Model Airplane Framework and Parts

-Remote Control Cars, Planes, Boats, Truck and Components

 -Recreational Applications – Fishing Rods, Golf Clubs



High strength yet light weight:

Helps save on transportation

Corrosion resistant:

Won’t rot, rust or corrode

Fire-retardant and nonconductive:

Helps create a safer environment

Dimensionally stable:

Won’t shrink, swell, warp or bow

Virtually maintenance-free:

Durable and weather-resistant for a longer life cycle

Easy to fabricate and install:

Can be cut, drilled and assembled with standard tools


Does not require environmentally hazardous preservatives


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