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Factory Supplier Carbon Fiber Money Clip,Carbon Money Clip,Carbon Fiber Money Clips With Promotional Price

Product Details: Carbon fiber is widely used in mobile phone accessories, sporting goods, bags, accessories, furniture ,and other products, also can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Detailed description

Factory Supplier Carbon Fiber Money Clip,Carbon  Money Clip,Carbon Fiber Money Clips With Promotional Price

The carbon fiber and leather wallet is the original product that got Carbon Fiber Gear started. It’s extremely original, and a must-have for any carbon fiber lover. This wallet is made with a sheet of real carbon fiber on both the front and back, as well as high-quality black leather. The carbon fiber is TPU infused which allows it to be flexible in your pocket. It is stitched together with black thread, completing the all black look.

Real carbon fiber on the front and back, the same material used on the most expensive exotic cars in the world.

TPU infused carbon fiber for flexibility and comfort.

Nine visible slots for organizing all your cards.

Two hidden slots for storing folded hundreds, etc.

Flap with clear cover for easy ID access.

Two cash compartments lets you organize yours bills, checks and more.


4.5" in. x 3.6" in. x 0.5" in.

Actual Item Weight

72 grams (2.54 ounces)


Very strong in certain applications

Ultra lightweight

Modern, high-tech look

The next generation luxury material

Used in really cool applications like exotic cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini), NASA/Aerospace, high-end sporting equipment, yachts and more.


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