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New product 2017 Carbn Fiber Name Card,Carbn Fiber business Card with high quality

Product Details: Carbon fiber is widely used in mobile phone accessories, sporting goods, bags, accessories, furniture ,and other products, also can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Detailed description

New product 2017 Carbn Fiber Name Card,Carbn Fiber business Card with high quality

Why should you get a carbon fiber business card? How many times a day does your client get handed a business card that they simply throw away, never to be seen again? Stand out from the crowd with a carbon fiber business card. For those special clients that deserve something better and more unique, consider handing them your business card made from 100% real carbon fiber.

With a durable semi-gloss finish that, the solid carbon fiber card will be something your client will want to keep and show off to others, furthering your business.

Once an order is placed, we work directly with you to transfer your old business card design onto the carbon fiber or put together something new. Simply provide us a vector version of your logo and a copy of your business card, we'll put together a digital proof for your approval.

Each business card is the same size as a credit card and weighs just 3 grams and 0.5mm thick.

  • Business card made completely from aerospace-grade carbon fiber

  • Durable semi-gloss finish

  • Single or double-sided options

  • Up to 2-colors

  • Design setup help included

  • Dimensions: 3.5" in. x 2" in.

  • Each card weighs just 3 grams and is 0.5mm thick

  • Lead-time: 3-4 Weeks


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