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China manufacturer carbon fiber CNC machined/CNC cutting spare parts, carbon fiber CNC cut with high quality

Type: 1K, 1.5K,3K,6K,12K carbon fiber sheet, regular use 3K Surface Finish:Glossy/Matte/Dull Polish Density:1.5g/cm3 Thickness:0.2mm-50mm CF content:Full Carbon/Half Carbon.

Detailed description

China manufacturer carbon fiber CNC machined/CNC cutting spare parts, carbon fiber CNC cut with high quality

Carbon fiber sheet/plate/board is a high strength fiber material, it is through the carbon fiber prepreg in different directions and then put into the press after a period of high temperature and high pressure curing molding. Post-processing can be done by CNC cutting.

1. CNC Cutting Service by clients drawing, it need AutoCAD dwg./dxf. format drawings.

2. Material: 3K Carbon Fiber Sheet&Black UD Carbon Fiber Sheet

3. Thickness: 0.2mm-50mm

4. Surface: Plain Glossy, Plain Matte, Twill Glossy, Twill Matte, Dull Polish

5. standard size of 400*500mm and 500*500mm,500*600mm, 500*1000mm,600*1000mm and 1000*1000mm,1200*1000mm and 5000mm*2000mm

6. Customer design is classfied

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Carbon fiber is a very high carbon fiber is a very high emerging special fibers, with the general carbon material owned by the high temperature, friction, conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, in addition to anisotropy and flexibility.

Carbon fiber sheet/plate/board is precisely a composite made of carbon fiber and resin. From the hardness and strength of the resin is easy to view, but the inherent characteristics of the resin in the process of making Yan bamboo poor energy, cutting heat is not easy to spread, the internal temperature is high, serious burning resin or soften the resin The Carbon fiber material, then its hardness is high brittleness, when the bending and shear stress is too large when easy to break, the force is too small can not be processed. Therefore, the cutting of the plate to pay special attention to the choice of tools and control. In addition, the ambient temperature, humidity and other factors will also affect the processing results. In addition, the use of different tools, cutting the intensity, the time interval should be different, in addition, the ambient temperature, humidity and other factors will also affect the processing results.

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We now offer the following CAD Design and Carbon Fiber Cutting Services

  • Custom Carbon Fiber Plate Cutting to your specifications (You send the CAD File).

  • Prototyping of designs

  • Advice on common specifications.

How it works:

  • Contact us via our "Contact US" web page if you have questions or email a description of what you need along with CAD drawings to

  • We will get back to you with a quote to cut your design.

  • Pay for the work to be done.  Instructions will be given for payment.

  • Parts will be cut and sent out.


  • Pricing is based on Material, Tooling used and Machine time.  

  • Contact us for a quote.  



1. Can you supply a free samels?
Answer: Yes, we can, but the air freight fees need to pay by hte buyer.

2. Can you shape the carbon fiber sheet as we want?
Answer: Yes, please send to me the shapes of you want.

3. How long the carbon fiber sheet can be sent out.
Answer: Generally speaking, the common types and quantity of sheets can be sent out within one weeks.

4. Whats the colour and size you have?
Answer: Yes, we have some different colour of sheets, suck like red blue and other different sizes, please send to me a email tell ours you want.

To Customers:  

Dear Friends,

That is very honor that you find our website!
In order to fast efficient reply your requirements, please send us your AutoCAD drawings to .
Please also advice detail requirement like thickness, surface, quantities and tolerance. You can surely get reply within 24 hours!

Best regards,
Tasuns Composite technology Ltd.

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Situated in the convenient China, Tasuns Composite is one of the competitive china manufacturer carbon fiber cnc machined/cnc cutting spare parts, carbon fiber cnc cut with high quality manufacturers with a professional factory.

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